Where Sustainability Meets Style;
Meet Our Cork Yoga Mat

We wanted to take you behind the scenes and show you why our Cork Yoga Mat; the O.G essential that started the collection still remains as our best seller to this day! 
Not only is it good for the planet, but it is equally practical, sustainable and down right trendy!

Here at Meraki Mats we stand for quality over quantity, conscious consumption and timeless design. Because simple is hard to do well. 

Why we chose cork...

It's eco-friendly

Cork is a naturally renewable and environmentally friendly source. It is made from the outer layer of the tree's bark, which is regenerated after it has been stripped. 

It's naturally antimicrobial

This means that just by using a cork yoga mat, you are reducing any exposure to the germs that accumulate on your sweaty yoga mat.

It's 100% natural

We ensure that all of our cork products are made from 100% natural cork oak, without any fillers or use of toxic glues and adhesives. 

It's all in the details...

The perfect size

Measuring 1730 x 610 x 4mm, it's so comfortable you'll fall asleep in Savasana! We have tried and tested all sized yoga mats and have found the perfect balance between comfort and convenience, whether you practice at home or are on the go between the studio and the office.

Naturally non-slip

Made from 100% natural cork, the feel of these mats is soft and subtle yet it has a natural grip to support you in each pose. The base is also made from 100% natural rubber, featuring anti-slip groove. this provides a little more cushion for comfort, and ensures there's no sliding around the room or curling of edges!

No nasties

Our specialised heat bonding process eliminates the need for unnecessary glues or toxic adhesives, making it safe and sustainable.

Recyclable packaging

We believe less is more, and so our packaging is made from cardboard which is 100% recyclable. It's the little things we do for the environment that add up to make a difference don't you agree?

Why our Cork Yoga Mat is so loved...

"Absolutely in love with my new cork mat! Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, the soft practical materials have really enhanced my morning practice by allowing me to flow along its cosy surface. It's no joke, my new mat honestly motivates me to move everyday - I no longer have to hide it away; I can just leave it rolled out on my lounge room floor because its so pretty and so now when I wake up, its the first thing I go to!"

Shay M

"When I opened the box straight away I knew this is what I’d been wanting and waiting for. No awful factory or strong rubber smell. The feel is amazing, soft but grippy.Highly recommended and I hope it lasts me for many years."

David M

"Looooving this mat for my yoga practice. Love the look and feel so much. Thank you"

Jessica R

Be a part of the movement...

When you surrender to the power of movement, you simultaneously commit to being the bets version of yourself. You don't have to undergo a dramatic transformation to evolve - all you have to do is show up.