Cork Guide

Yoga Block

Refine your alignment and balance. An essential prop for every yogi from beginner to advanced, think of the cork yoga block not as an added complexity but rather a booster, a support system for accessing poses that feel just a touch out of reach.

The Ball

Small yet powerful, the cork massage ball is perfect to self massage and release through your hips, glutes, lower back, chest and the arches of your feet. Position the ball on the muscle you wish to release and gently apply pressure using a wall, the floor or your hands.  Gently roll the ball to release the targeted muscle, slowly increasing the pressure as needed. 

The Peanut

The cork peanut can relieve shoulder, neck, lower leg, mid and lower back pain - there’s really nothing it can’t do. For a gentle release, position the peanut on either side of your spine and lean back against a wall. Slowly move up and the wall and allow the peanut to massage your spine, ensuring your knees are stacked over your ankles and shoulders over your hips. For a more intense release, lay on the ground with your knees bent, feet planted on the ground at hip width apart. Start with the peanut in the centre of your back, inhale and as you exhale slowly let the ball massage up and down your spine, taking weight into your arms and feet as needed. 

The Roller

Lying on the floor with the cork roller underneath the targeted muscle group, slowly release the weight of your body onto the roller using your arms and legs to assist rolling up and down the cork roller. Take the weight out of your arms and feet to intensify the release as you desire.


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