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Tell us a little about yourself and when/how yoga came into your life? 

I have been doing yoga and various styles of sport and movement since I was a teenager, but prior to teaching I was working in the fashion industry. It was a very fun, demanding job that was also fast-paced and quite stressful. We started doing yoga once a week in the office and it was a game changer! It reminded me how necessary it is, particularly when you're busy and feel like you don't have the time, to create space for yourself. I started going to a studio, and it quickly became my favourite hour of the day.  I knew there was so much more to the practice than feeling good physically, and I wanted to delve deeper and deeper. So long story short, I quit my agency job, upended my life, and couldn't be happier learning and sharing the teachings of yoga. It's such a privilege.

What is one thing you are reading, listening and loving right now? 

I'm reading a lot of Joe Dispenza lately; I'm so interested in epigenetics, quantum physics and the power of the mind. Listening to such a range of music, I love to spend hours curating playlists to move to. Feel free to pour through my Spotify! rose_moore There are too many great artists to list, I'm a music fanatic.

What does an ordinary day look like for you? Teaching, practicing, eating, working, relaxing - give us the low down! 

Most days include morning meditation, a dip in the ocean, a slow, juicy home yoga practice, some guitar, followed by a few hours in the studio teaching. Throw in all of the snacks... and a glass of red wine in the evening.

Where do you find the motivation to keep showing up to your mat and how often do you take time for your own practice? 

I think its easy to get distracted, and we all go through periods where we lose focus and enthusiasm. Ultimately I find the practice is what gives that back to me, so sometimes presence has to preceed motivation. Every morning I step on to the mat, without even thinking about it. I find a connection to my breath and intention, and that's what starts my day. Even if twenty minutes is all I have! Just show up, no matter how you feel, what's going on, that's all you've got to do. It might just be finding a seat within yourself and taking a few deep breaths.

What or who is your go to inspiration for health, fitness and overall wellness?

Gosh this is a hard one! The inspiration is just to create balance in my life and to feel good I think. It's highly addictive. My teacher Noelle Connolly is inspiring. Some new threads from Nagnata! Of course my studio, Modern Movement, and my incredible students.

Whether it be a yoga class, a go-to cocktail, a tv series or a sunrise swim spot; what’s is one recommendation you would share with the Meraki Movement that is sparking joy right now? 

Ooh okay, so I love a gooey Meghan Currie online yoga practice, and some in person pilates butt whipping at Modern Movement. Drink of choice is always a classic margarita (no sugar syrup to avoid the headache). And I am currently watching this pulp thriller show called the Flight Attendant, and I'm obsessed. Highly recommend!

The year 2020… we know it wasn’t a normal one.. give us a lesson and a blessing that came from it for you? 

Oof it was a big lesson in patience after cancelling trips, teacher trainings and classes, and being forced to slow down. Which was a blessing, because I was able to cultivate gratitude for the simple things like a swim in the sea, or a long chat with a friend. I also recognise how lucky we are to have been in a country like Australia, and particularly on the Northern Beaches, where we were still able to go outside and enjoy nature.

Finally, if you could gift someone a little bit of Meraki; who and what would it be? 

I would gift my Mum a yoga mat as I just love your range of microfibre mats, so soft and surprisingly not slippery! And she is getting into her yin practice a lot at the moment to help with back pain and relaxation.